Vertical Nanowire Transistor

Nanowire Transistor Technology

Our nanowire transistor technology is based on the integration of existing, well-known technologies, processes and materials to fabricate vertical, nanoscale structures using III-V compound semiconductor materials directly on silicon.

Nanowire Transistor Technology

We put 20 years of research into our core nanowire fabrication processes that comprise an indium gallium arsenide nanowire, high-K metal gates that alternate tungsten and titanium nitride, and silicon dioxide spacers.

Nanowire Transistor Technology

Our minimalistic design replaces numerous and costly lithography mask layers to produce nanoscale transistors with higher drive-current, speed, better device performance, and low  power consumption, leading to a more sustainable network energy consumption, as well as longer mobile device battery life. The result is design-ready to integrate into your high-frequency-band 5G products.


Calls for significantly reduced power consumption both for base stations and battery-operated devices, as well as a reduction in scarce material usage and fewer lithography steps than conventional designs.


Combines the proven benefits of gate all around (GAA) topology with elegant nanotechnology design to expand the distance between gate, source and drain for higher gain. Lower parasitic elements of the proprietary nanotransistor design lead to highest cutoff frequencies for unprecedented speed.

Low Cost

Combines the superior performance of III-V materials with the maturity and cost efficiency of Si CMOS technology. It also significantly reduces the number of process and mask steps for considerable cost savings.

The Challenge

Traditional silicon scaling according to Moore’s law cannot meet the high-performance, low-power needs of high-band 5G, future communication technologies and next-generation advanced microprocessors. While III-V compound semiconductor materials deliver on performance, they are challenging to integrate in devices.

The Solution

At NordAmps, our vertical nanowire transistor technology gives you the performance of III-V and the manufacturability of silicon. We offer a design kit containing compact models and library files for high-frequency-band 5G applications and beyond. Discover our technology.

Our Partnership with Lund University 

Our vertical nanowire transistor technology is rooted in 20 years of research performed within Nanoelectronics at Lund University. To date, the Nanoelectronics has generated several patents involving nanowire growth processes. Key inventions that impact our technology include gate-last fabrication technology, Patent No. US10361284B2. 

Our Collaboration with RISE

Thanks to a new cleanroom facility provided by RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, NordAmps will transfer the critical process modules for yield optimization. This move will enable NordAmps to significantly accelerate its market entry by delivering samples to customers and starting to commercialize its groundbreaking technology.