About Us – Vertical Nanowire Transistors

NordAmps is delivering the next generation of transistors. 

Our nanowire technology represents the convergence of 20 years of research with leading-edge application needs. Designed for high-frequency wireless communication, our vertical nanowire transistors are fabricated by combining well-established technologies and materials with a minimalistic design in a completely new and innovative way. 

We developed our technology in response to a direct need expressed by the semiconductor and telecommunications communities. Our manufacturing processes are performed in a standard cleanroom environment using a combination of existing tools. The resulting components are sustainable, elegant and efficient. 

We now are poised to serve an immediate market need with our maturing technology.

Doing Business With Us

Our nanowire technology is now available through technology transfer license agreements that give semiconductor device designers access to our design library, with the option of purchasing manufacturing licenses. We also are open to partnerships with semiconductor equipment manufacturers to optimize tools for this technology. 

When you partner with us, you’ll have access to a user-friendly and efficient design environment that is easily integrated into your existing design and manufacturing processes. 

Meet the Team

Simon Olson

PDK and Circuit Designer

Aditya Prakash Saxena

Process Engineer

Investing In Us

We are actively seeking investors who are excited about AI and edge computing, smart manufacturing, smart cities and smart automotive, and understand that high-band 5G and ultra-fast data transfer and processing is critical to the realization of these global megatrends. 

We concluded our first external financing round through Almi Invest, Lund University Holding and a number of private investors. These organizations understand the market potential of integrating our nanowire transistor technology into the 5G telecommunications infrastructure. 

Academic Achievements, Grants and Sponsorships

The research that formed the basis of our vertical nanowire transistors technology was pioneered at Lund University, Lund, Sweden by a team led by Professor Lars-Erik Wernersson, in the nanoelectronics group at the Department of Electrical and Information Technology. 

The technology was developed further by Wernersson’s group and other European colleagues as part of a three-year EU project, INSIGHT, which concluded in 2019. Its success led to a three-year grant through SEQUENCE, a European Union-funded project for development of quantum computing, which requires extremely fast and energy-efficient devices for data management. The project is led by Lund University and includes academic partners as well as commercial partners such as IBM and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.