Starting today, we are now offering product demonstrations of the first version of our PDK (Process Design Kit) for vertical InGaAs nanowire transistors. Through the PDK we can offer our customers industrial tools for designing high-performing mmWave circuits in an emerging III-V technology. The PDK supports Cadence design suite and includes scalable PCells for both active and passive devices, PVS physical verification tool for DRC and LVS, parasitic extraction with both EM-simulator (EMX) and rule-based extraction (QRC) as well as yield analysis using Monte Carlo simulations.

The nanowire technology offers devices with high frequency performance characterized by high gain and excellent noise figure and has state-of-the art performance for  applications in e.g. wireless communication, sensing, imaging and satellite communications. Key 5G and 6G circuit blocks have been demonstrated, including Power Amplifiers (PA) and Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA).

For scheduling a demo of the PDK or learning more about the technology, contact NordAmps CEO at: