NordAmps is participating in the Swedish Microwave Days conference May 23rd to 25rd

NordAmps will give a talk about a Low Noise Amplifier LNA designed with vertical nanowire transistor for the D-band at the upcoming Swedish Microwave days contribution.


Simulations of a D-band three-stage LNA in a Vertical III-V nanowire technology is presented for operation in the frequency range between 130 and 175 GHz. Predictive modeling based on device scaling of measured devices together with COMSOL simulations of device parasitics has been utilized to design a virtual source VerilogA compact model for circuit simulators. The LNA achieves a gain of 21 dB at 139 GHz with a minimum noise figure of 4.7 dB using devices with fT/fmax= 285/418 GHz and NFmin=0.76 and 2.1 dB at 50 and 150 GHz respectively. The technology is based on vertical nanowires in InAs/InGaAs grown on a silicon substrate, thereby offering a cost-effective solution.

What the D-band is used for in communication ?

The D-band is a frequency range typically between 110 GHz and 170 GHz. This band is utilized in communication for high-speed data transfer and wireless transmission applications. These applications include 5G networks, satellite communication, and point-to-point wireless links. The high frequency of the D-band enables it to provide a large bandwidth, allowing for faster data transfer rates. The short wavelength of the D-band allows for smaller antennas and higher directivity, leading to more focused and efficient transmissions.

Swedish Microwave Days 2023 at Stockholm

The Swedish Microwave Days is an annual conference. The conference is focused on the latest research and development in the field of microwave technology. The goal of this conference is to bring together researchers, engineers, and industry professionals. They share their knowledge, discuss new ideas, and explore emerging trends in the field of microwave technology. The conference provides a platform for participants to present their research findings, exchange ideas, and network with peers.