Explore NordAmps´ innovation in developing the Semiconductor Market

NordAmps will be participating to the Euro Nano Forum 2023 event at Lund in collaboration with Mobile Heights and Invest in Skåne from Sunday June 11 to Tuesday June 13. We´ll have our own stand for the entire workshop! Our team members will be present to share with you our ambition and willingness to develop the semiconductor market with our vertical nanowire transistor.

Watch our new promotional video

For this reason, we are thrilled to share with you our captivating promotional video to get an understanding of the incredible capabilities and potential applications of our vertical nanowire transistor. Discover how it can impact various industries, including telecommunications, smart cities, autonomous driving, AI & data processing, satellite communication, quantum computing and beyond. 🌐

At NordAmps, we continuously push the boundaries of technological advancement, and our new vertical nanowire transistor is a testament to our commitment to innovation. By taking advantage of III-V high mobility materials, NordAmps unlocks higher frequencies required for more available bandwidth, enabling further 3D miniaturization by our vertical technology, and offering cost-effective integration with CMOS technology. 💡

Unleashing Limitless Possibilities with our innovation

The possibilities are limitless! Imagine the impact on telecommunications networks (5G & 6G), data centers, artificial intelligence, edge computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Through our nanowire transistor solution, we unlock our customers’ potential with the next-generation semiconductor technology. 🌍