Breaking News: NordAmps AB Raises SEK 14 Million for Revolutionary 5G and 6G Nano-Sized Transistor Technology

In a directed issue, NordAmps AB has raised a total of SEK 14 million from Stockholm’s Affärsänglar (STOAF), Butterfly Ventures, SteNat Invest, Almi Invest, Lund University’s holding company LU Holding as well as a number of private investors and existing owners. NordAmps has developed a nano-sized transistor for high frequency applications, well suited for the telecom standards 5G and 6G.

Revolutionary III-V Nanowire Transistors: NordAmp’s Key to Next-Gen 5G, 6G, Satellite Communication, and Quantum Computing…

The vertical III-V nanowire transistors that define the basis of NordAmp’s product are especially suitable for higher frequencies in the range of 10-300GHz required for later revisions of the telecom standards 5G and eventually 6G, as well as for satellite communication and quantum computing. By adding NordAmps’ transistor components to an existing cost-effective Si-based process, it becomes possible to construct radio circuits with significantly higher energy efficiency and thus reduced environmental impact for future mobile communications.

Small Team, Big Impact: NordAmp’s Cutting-Edge Components Attract Global Semiconductor Manufacturers for 5G/6G, Satellite Communication, and Quantum Computing

The company has six employees who work on developing the components with associated design libraries as well as circuit solutions that demonstrate the advantages of this technology. Potential customers are among global semiconductor manufacturers who manufacture integrated circuits for telecom companies such as Ericsson, Qualcomm, but also satellite communication and those companies that manufacture circuits for quantum computer applications have shown interest.

Investor Enthusiasm Fuels NordAmps AB’s Ambitious Semiconductor Innovation: Insights from CEO Lars Tilly and Tanya Horowitz of Butterfly Ventures

“I am very happy that we have managed to attract investors with both capital and world-class competence, experience, and network in the industry”, says Lars Tilly, CEO of NordAmps AB.

Tanya Horowitz of Butterfly Ventures:

“Butterfly Ventures has chosen to make an investment into NordAmps because the company’s technology fits superbly within the scope of the bigger investment that is now being made in Europe towards the semiconductor industry and the rest of the world; for example, through the European Chip Act. Here, NordAmps can make a real difference by enabling cost-effective integrated circuits with high performance and at the same time with little environmental impact.”

NordAmps Secures SEK 14 Million Investment to Fuel Pre-Production Facility and Prototype Development, Backed by Stockholm’s Affärsänglar (STOAF)

The SEK 14 million being invested into NordAmps will be used for the establishment of a pre-production facility and for the production of a first prototype for its early customers.

Magnus Eriksson from Stockholms Affärsänglar, Stoaf states:

“Stoaf has chosen to invest in the commercialization of this new semiconductor technology because it tangibly unites areas of strength in both semiconductor technology and telecommunications that have emerged in this region over the past 20 years.”

NordAmps has previously secured funding from Vinnova to run a joint project with Ericsson, Cadence and Lund University to develop a low-noise amplifier for 5G and 6G using NordAmp’s technology.