Anand Murthy

Board Member

I have a solid track record as a technology R&D executive with over 25 years of technical leadership experience in advancing Moore’s law of transistor scaling. I have had varied roles across semiconductor process technology development including novel epitaxial deposition and metallization for Si, SiGe channel and Gate All Around (GAA) transistors for CMOS logic technology. I have co-authored in more than 50 technical publications and hold 227 U.S. patents granted for pioneering work in the fabrication of CMOS and HBT transistors based on Si, SiGe, Ge and III-V compound semiconductor materials. I am currently an Intel Fellow and Director at Intel’s Technology Development Group. At NordAmps, I hope to bring my nanotechnology research experience towards commercializing nanowire transistor technology for high-frequency 5G-and-beyond wireless communication. I hold Master of Science and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering