Prof. Lars-Erik Wernersson

Co-Founder and Initiator

NanoAmps is my brainchild. I have devoted my career to nanotechnology research as it relates to information technology, and my goal is bringing that research to commercialization for high-frequency-band-5G-and-beyond applications and more.

In addition to NordAmps, I researched pulsed millimeter wave technology and initiated a radar sensor startup, Acconeer, where I am a board member. I currently direct the research group in nanoelectronics at Lund University, focused on activities related to nanotechnology and hardware implementation in the Electrical and Information Technology Department. During 2015-2018, I was scientific director of an EU-Project, INSIGHT, which was instrumental in developing the technology upon which NanoAmps is built. Currently I am scientific director of a second EU-Project, SEQUENCE.

I continue to serve as scientific coordinator and co-PI in a number of major research programs including III-V nanowires for post-CMOS applications (SSF) as well as the research environment “Electronics beyond kT/q” (VR).