Jan Johannesson


Jan Johannesson has held a variety of roles in the high-tech industry since 1994. Jan started as a Biomedical Engineer at Kalmar Hospital in 1994, then moved to Senior Manager, Product Management at TeleLarm AB in 1995. Jan then worked at Ericsson as a Global Product Manager from 1998-2001, followed by a Senior Advisor role at Northstream from 2001-2004. Jan then returned to Ericsson as Director, Portfolio Management, Director, Solution Management, and Director, Product Marketing from 2004-2009. Jan then moved to ST-Ericsson as Head of Strategic Planning & Portfolio Management, Head of Portfolio Management, and Director Portfolio Management from 2009-2013. From 2013-2018, they worked at Fingerprint Cards as Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development and Vice President, Strategic Planning & Portfolio Management. Jan then founded and became Chairman of NYN Consulting AB in 2018, and in 2017 became a Member of the Board, Chairman Of The Board, and Board Member at Hearezanz AB. Most recently, in 2021, they became Head of Strategy at JonDeTech Sensors AB.

Sven Mattisson

Senior Technology Advisor

Sven Mattisson received his PhD in Applied Micro Electronics from Lund University in 1986. From 1987 through 1994 he was an associate professor in Applied Micro Electronics in Lund where his research was focused on circuit simulation and analog ASIC design. In 1995 he joined Ericsson Research in Lund to work on cellular handset research and development. From 2003 until retirement in 2021 he held a position as senior expert in analog system design. He is an adjunct professor at the Electrical and Information Technology department of Lund University and a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences as well as the Royal Physiographic Society in Lund. Dr. Mattisson is a co-inventor of Bluetooth and has been serving as technical program committee member for the International Solid-State Circuits Conference and the European Solid-State Circuits Conference. The last several years he has been working on 5G radio circuits at Ericsson Research. Dr. Mattisson is a Life Senior Member of the IEEE.

Anand Murthy

Board Member

I have a solid track record as a technology R&D executive with over 25 years of technical leadership experience in advancing Moore’s law of transistor scaling. I have had varied roles across semiconductor process technology development including novel epitaxial deposition and metallization for Si, SiGe channel and Gate All Around (GAA) transistors for CMOS logic technology. I have co-authored in more than 50 technical publications and hold 227 U.S. patents granted for pioneering work in the fabrication of CMOS and HBT transistors based on Si, SiGe, Ge and III-V compound semiconductor materials. I am currently an Intel Fellow and Director at Intel’s Technology Development Group. At NordAmps, I hope to bring my nanotechnology research experience towards commercializing nanowire transistor technology for high-frequency 5G-and-beyond wireless communication. I hold Master of Science and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering

Prof. Lars-Erik Wernersson

Co-Founder and Initiator

NanoAmps is my brainchild. I have devoted my career to nanotechnology research as it relates to information technology, and my goal is bringing that research to commercialization for high-frequency-band-5G-and-beyond applications and more.

In addition to NordAmps, I researched pulsed millimeter wave technology and initiated a radar sensor startup, Acconeer, where I am a board member. I currently direct the research group in nanoelectronics at Lund University, focused on activities related to nanotechnology and hardware implementation in the Electrical and Information Technology Department. During 2015-2018, I was scientific director of an EU-Project, INSIGHT, which was instrumental in developing the technology upon which NanoAmps is built. Currently I am scientific director of a second EU-Project, SEQUENCE.

I continue to serve as scientific coordinator and co-PI in a number of major research programs including III-V nanowires for post-CMOS applications (SSF) as well as the research environment “Electronics beyond kT/q” (VR).

Lars Tilly


For my role at NordAmps, I bring a long track record of building highly efficient and productive teams. I am driven by innovation and a strong interest in interpersonal relations and co-worker motivation.

I spent years working in technology management and business development leadership roles at highly technical companies including CEO of Obducat AB, CTO of TerraNet AB, as well as head of research at Ericsson in Lund. Most recently, I served as director and technology expert at Innovation Skåne, a publicly owned company devoted to supporting new business enterprises with technical and business advice.

In addition to co-founding NordAmps, I founded Zaplox publ., as well as the Swedish telecom organization Mobile Heights. I serve on the boards of several companies, including Scanstrip AB, a Swedish steel company; and SIO Grafen, a trade organization for Graphene companies, I have a Master’s of Science Degree. in engineering physics and a Ph.D. in solid state physics.